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Monday, February 28, 2011

February Love

25/2 - (Friday)
Few days back, I was busy helping. Then on this date, all the effort was paid off. I wasn't expecting anything, really, but what I get was really unexpected. From the bottom of my heart, syukur alhamdullilah and thank you for the food fiesta!

No picture(s) because I want to substitute with a video. This video is related because of the similar place (the clue is fish.) I went to for lunch treat. Oh and, this guy will be on my upcoming Video Series entry.

'Market ikan man hattan. TGI Jumaat. Resipi rahsiaaa..' 

The above words - I think most Malaysians will understand, sebab kita suka translate bahasa inggeris to bahasa melayu kan? the video has a subtitles, so itsy pitsy to understand.

26/2 - (Saturday)
rehat sepuas-puasnyaaa di rumah. overwhelming feeling...

27/2 - (Sunday)
A wedding day. a day at the relatives'. and the best part is makan makan makan hehe.

awww moment! her name is sulha. such a camera lover. she makes the picture looks good. 
credits to farahmexx  :')

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Misi Hari Ini

Apakah yang engkau cari
Tak kau temukan di hatiku
Apakah yang engkau inginkan
Fahamilah aku.

Aku berjalan terus tanpa henti
Berselimut di tengah dingin dunia
Ku mohon untuk tetap tinggal
Dan jangan engkau pergi lagi.

Jangan hilangkan diriku. Jangan pernah lupakan aku. Jangan pergi dari aku.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Letter and Notes

Hai si tinggi! this is for you.

I ada cakap nak tulis special note and give it to you so you can keep it. Don't remember? It's ok, I guess I can remember more than you think I will. So here it goes, a short one.

I want us because I made decision in choosing you. I go back to when you are willing to line up and willing to wait. You asked "How bout me?" and I smiled. I said to never leave you, that's my promise. Because I want to be the one who heal the broken part of you. "Don't worry, everything will be just fine" you said this and I hold on to it.

I'm writing this now, you must be wondering why. I just feel like writing a note. Every step you take, takes you farther away from me. But you know I don't want that. I'm here for you, because I still believe and want to.

In your eyes, I like to stay and even more in your heart.

"I sayang you and love will grows eventually." - remember this?

yours sincerely,
*the nickname that you gave to me*

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Years from now

"What will I be years from now. pap pap padaaa..!"

Petikan dari lagu aizat. A lot of questions in the lyrics to think about many things. 
How will I look? Will I get the dream car? Will I have you? Kadang² the brain sanggup fikir jauh untuk the possible future.

Flashback masa kecik - semua budak² akan ada jawapan hampir sama. 
"Ariff, nak jadi apa bila dewasa?" "Saya nak jadi doctor, cikgu. tak pun peguam. tapi bukan ahli muzik." haha itu dah macam skrip style p.ramlee  :)

Tapi bila masuk sekolah menengah, impian berubah. Yes, people do change. Back then, I'm more keen into business. Sebab suka numbers, maybe? Tapi subject add math tak dapat score, oops malu lah. But now I still have the heart for business and I've broaden the interest of other things too.

Oh ya, tadi jalan balik dari kerja, nampak budak² sekolah melambai dari dalam bas. ahaa motif nak jadi comel ya? Tapi memang rindu masa dulu² - yang kini hanya dalam memori.

Hope our future will be enough for us, don't just go with the flow. Goodnight for now.

Monday, February 07, 2011

The Rainbow In Us

Sometimes, even a cartoon sketch can make us smile.
but I want to change the dinosaur into darth vader. If I could, I would.

When a door closes, another opens.
let me in and let me open the new door. you'll understand when you take my hand.
we'll paint something new, more colourful. that will be our rainbow  =)

Friday, February 04, 2011

Words by words

How I wish everything can be easy.
Tapi bila kita jalan-jalan tanpa tersepak batu, tak mencabar la kan?

How I wish the brain could type its own words out.
Tapi nanti jari-jemari tak ada peluang untuk berlatih menaip.

How I wish we could live in the world of movie and drama TV.
Tapi bila cara hidup selalu kena ikut skrip, lama-lama jadi bosan.

*tolong ingatkan aku, again, please*