pretty handsome

Sunday, July 22, 2012

A story in every word

Don't let the 'What If's' disturb your everyday decision.
Be bold! Be wild! and be careful too :)

p/s: Salam Ramadhan & selamat berpuasa to all muslims!

p/p/s: Let's try our very best to improve/be better with the blessed of bulan Ramadhan. Guide me, help others and help yourself. InsyaAllah kita semua dapat keberkatan dari-Nya, amin. :)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Chapter One

Are you the present of my future?

1st time we met, I know we shouldn't be too close. And we're not. Something about you reminds me of the past. Maybe at that time I don't want to have 'two luggage with the same color'. Time flies, we sometimes socialize, but casually among friends. You were Cyclops, while I was Princess Jasmine, no chemistry there. Truth be told, I didn't see you as the person I want to be with. Perhaps I was still absorbing & taking more advice, rather than feeling wanting something new.

to be continued ...

# Come as you are, as you were. as I want you to be. as a friend, as a friend.