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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Shopping spree – Sales season

My personality money is healthy:
You have a good relationship with money.You don't spend wildly, but you're not opposed to treating yourself on occasion.In general, you save some of what you earn. You know the importance of a nest egg.You aren't afraid of being financially literate - you embrace learning more about finances.From a retirement plan to having an emergency fund, you know what you need to have to be safe.

That makes me a discount shopper:
You love to get things as cheaply as possible. You live for sales.It's partially because you like to save money, but it's also because you like the thrill of finding a fabulous deal.Of all the types, you tend to shop frequently but rarely by. You keep an eye on prices.Brand names are not that important to you. You know how to have style without collecting designer tags.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Long distance relationship

Tribute to Ashraf Sinclair & Bunga Citra Lestari who tied the knot on 8th November 2008.

How do couples get by when one has to travel a lot?
Long distances between a couple can take a toll on a relationship.

The downside is that, because you're having so much fun getting reacquainted over and over and over again, you both might overlook annoying habits - and more serious character flaws - that would be more noticeable if you saw a lot of each other. The distance itself has its pluses and minuses. On one hand, it makes it easier to pursue other interests, because all of your time is not tied up on dates.

Through open, honest communication, clever scheduling and a willingness to meet the other person halfway, a solid relationship is build.

With patience, cooperation and communication, a long distance relationship can work as good - and maybe better - than a local one.

If you love that person enough to want to make the effort and sacrifice, then everything else will fall into place.

You do have to be creative and willing to meet half way. If you are not meant to be together, trust me, you’ll find out on the first or second day of your visit.

-tribute to all the ladies-
by Ada Band:
Karena wanita ingin dimengerti
Lewat tutur lembut dan laku agung
Karena wanita ingin dimengerti
Manjakan dia... dengan kasih sayang

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Kickstart of the Sixters

Alhamdullilah I’ve finished the final exam of my final semester. Hope for flying colours result, insyaAllah & planning to further degree after this. Since we have finished, it’s time for a little gathering before all comes to an end. In the near future, we will meet again, especially at graduation. Can’t wait! Friendship will be treasured & memories will be kept safe =)
“Flames to dust. Lovers to friends. Why do all good things come to an end?”

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Family or Friends?

I’m much closer to my family:
You consider your family members to be your some of best friends.And you can count on them more than anyone else in the world.You're very similar to your family, and you find it easy to get along with them.You know that they understand you and love you for who you are.

I score 77 on How Friendly Are You? test:
I’m very friendly =)

You are an amazing friend. Anyone who has you as a friend is incredibly lucky.And judging by how many friends you have, there are many lucky people in this world!You can talk to people easily, and you often turn strangers into friends.You are also a good listener. You are there for your friends when they need to vent, without judgment.Overall, you have a genuine interest in people and their lives. And your friends can tell.Taking time for your friends is very important to you. And because of this, you have lots of deep and meaningful friendships.