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Saturday, February 21, 2009

::Love lockdown...

Aaahh what a relief dpt spend the weekend at home. Bkn home-sick sgt pun tapi menggatai nak meet my loved-ones! Finally after 3years xdpt celebr8 kak-long's bday, this year dpt jugak. Yeaa! Dpt balik rmh, meet her n mkn cake consider celebr8 la tuu =)

I couldn't get the ticket to Geng! Pengembaraan Bermula (3D animation film) Kinda frust. Then nak tgk En.Button, the seats will only twist my neck. So, last option is Burn after Reading...

[2 gym workers found a tell-all memoir CD but they think it has classified information. nobody knows who to trust or believe]

*with much acclaim actors, i thought the movie is worth watching*
*some of them are not like what i expected. urmm...*

[Picture credits: GSC]

Friday, February 20, 2009


Happy birthday kaklong! How old u ask? Shhhh...=)
~number doesn't prove wiser-ness but experience does~

*masa kecik I'm shorter. but now I'm taller =D*
*masa kecik2 we can be twins. dah besar boleh lagi kot. hehe*

Thursday, February 19, 2009

let's FLY!

1st trip as degree student :)
location - Air Asia Academy & terminal
*to learn in depth about their safety n health*

*one people - one culture - one air asia - one family*

*for the sake of the graphics*

*experience the simulation. superb!*

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The one With Multiple Talents

Instead of men or ladies, I choose bands.
Presenting the 9th wonders!

9th - Coldplay [viva La vida!]

8th - The All-American Rejects [Swing 2x!]

7th - Incubus [Drive with A Crow Left to the Murder]

6th - Maroon 5 [with them...its ”Harder to Breath”]

5th - Black Eyed Peas [where is the LOVE peeps?]

4th - Hujan [Aku Scandal dikala Pagi yang Gelap]

3rd - The Beatles [Legend...*wait for it*...dary. Legendary!]

2nd - Nidji [Indonesian superb! Bila ku jatuh cinta =)]

1st - OneRepublic [say it...out loud!]

Monday, February 09, 2009

25 facts me O mine

  1. I LOVE to enter contest/competition.
  2. I am TALLER than my big sister & people always think of me being the eldest.
  3. Just finished Diploma & currently pursuing Bachelor in HR.
  4. I LOVE the smell of new money & it’s my habit to arrange it according to the serial no.
  5. Until now I STILL haven’t ride go-cart at Genting =(
  6. I think I have AMNESIA on one particular day when I was 5.
  7. I can sleep while doing synchronize swimming move. hehe...
  8. I’m good at making drinks (according to my mom & sis). I want to own a restaurant.
  9. Once, I sprain my leg so badly until I cried non-stop!
  10. I can go CRAZEE if I lost/misplaced my comb.
  11. I used to watch The Lord of The Rings over and over again and memorize the script.
  12. I’m so into comic adaptation's film!
  13. Archie, Betty & Veronica, Dragonball & Shin Chan =)
  14. I can finish my meals even though I’m already full.
  15. Trippin’ with school & university is so much fun!
  16. I like getting assignments but how I wish I can create my own datelines of submission.
  17. I fell in love with business field ever since I watched the 1st season of The Apprentice.
  18. I always dreamt of entering reality TV shows.
  19. Mix vege (sayur plastic) is a NO NO NO!!
  20. I got over my PHOBIA of the dark by maybe 80%.
  21. I SLEEP with music/radio plug on to my ears. Until the battery runs dead! =D
  22. I WANT to learn to play drum & guitar.
  23. I HATE those girls who act like they know football but the fact is they only know the name of the footballers because of their looks.
  24. Not perfect...but I like to do things perfectionist style.
  25. Live to love. I LOVE my family, girlfriends and friends.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Littlest Things

I like animals. But sometimes insects that can fly will frighten me. Nevertheless, I am LOVER of cats.

I’m ANTI to those who pretend to like cats but whenever cats come near them (especially stray cats) they will SPLASH water or THROW food so the cats would leave. Like WTH..?! and there are those who would KICK or KNOCK cats head. Don’t these people know how to respect others...? We need to respect others to be respected. In particular is when dealing with animals.

*even stray cats are SO adorable!*