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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Video Series Ooo Three

Assalamualaikum, and a very good day to you.  =)


If this is a TV series, it will be the 3rd episode. haha isn't it obvious? Well today, it is time for IniAnwarHadi & MatLuthfi90I believe most of you bloggers & vloggers dah kenal depa kan? Sekarang ni pun dah ramai buat video log (vlog) sebab dapat inspirasi daripada depa berdua. For me, when they're posting a video, both of them has informative yet fun ideas/topic. Bukan setakat nak jadi famous, but they do have something that is worth sharing.

Few info they share things in common:-
1- Both from Malaysia, studying abroad.
2- Their videos has interesting topic & most of them are worth watching.
3- Dua-dua mamat ni agak comel jugak la hehe.

#11 AYAM - Angkatan Youtubers Anak Malaysia
A dream by Anwar Hadi.

Days ago, I posted this as my facebook status -
(this is hard. really hard. tongue twister versi melayu.
'sewkurunk kurunknyeww aqeww takk leww ejeww mahcamm owunk takk pewnawh
pewgiew skewlahs' hahaha oops!)

and then my friend suggested Anwar Hadi's #6 Ewww.
(this is the introductory video of him to me)

and this is Mat Luthfi.
"Benda yang akan kekal cantik sampai bila²  ialah peribadi yang baik."

*mat luthfi tak paksa anwar hadi join dia ok. ini bukan serta paksa 
sebab dua-dua macam boleh ngam je*  :)

"People might force you to join them, but let them know, they can't change your stand."

Dear bloggers & vloggers, do take anwar hadi's advice. post something with good materials. don't regret it later. once its on the internet, it stays on the internet. Ok guys, hehe  =)

Monday, April 25, 2011

A Random Tumblr

Thank you, encik ahmad. You were there with me although for a short time, a very short time. Thank you, because I did learn something when we were together. Yes, you won my heart and yes, now it became the invisible scar for me. Maybe it's not you as a person that I miss, but it's the feeling I had when we're together.

Thank you again, stranger from my past.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Acceptance

*How I Met Your Mother - Season 3: Episode 8*

Ted - Always correcting people -  He's 'Mr. Corrector.'
Robin - Uses the word "literally" in every sentence.
Marshall - Sing about what he is doing.
Lily - Chew loudly. She's the 'Chewbacca' of the group.
Barney - 1) Sometimes talk in a weird high-pitched voice.
2) Constantly use lame catch phrases.
3) Sometimes spaced-out & don't give attention to what others talking about.

"When someone's bad habits are pointed out to you, it's hard to ignore them. 
But if you love them enough, those bad habits are easily to forget."

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Back then, I did not like this song, but not up to the level of hate though. Then secretly the heart starts to like the music and the lyrics. And now, I will smile listening to it - because of the reason that the future will tell.

'Give it a try' - Whispered the Heart  :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Runaway with Bruno Mars

Nak seribu daya. Tak nak seribu dalih - I think I should use this peribahasa as an encouragement for every time I want to join a contest.

It's Bruno Mars 1st ever concert in Malaysia. And the tickets SOLD OUT in just 3 days. Memang la semua terkejut kan! And I think this never happened in Malaysia before. Nak menang through radio, agak susah sebab sah-sah ramai jugak nak cuba menang. 

And then I found out about "Bruno Mars SMS trivia contest" by Maxis. The rules are - buy the bundle caller ringtones and answer most trivia questions to win. Alhamdulillah dapat menang 2x Rockzone & it is worth it sebab harga tickets lagi mahal dari harga total sms. Sangat sukaaa perasaan menang. :)

'Bruno Mars Live in Malaysia
Doo-Wops & Hooligans World Tour'
10th April 2011. 8PM.
Dewan Merdeka, Putra World Trade Centre

Oh yes! Bruno Mars rocked PWTC with his voice, a little bit of dancing, playing drums & guitar. With the hits like Just The Way You Are, Grenade & Count on Me, all the fans voluntarily became his backup singer. He did a tribute on Micheal Jackson's Billy Jean and a mashup for Nothin' On You & Billionaire. 

He sang all the songs in the album except for Talking To The Moon. For about 1 1/2 hours duration, Bruno deserves an applause for his stamina & a good control on his vocals. He is awesome & a true talented entertainer. + he sings what every girl wants to hear.

Complimentary Rockzone tickets. million thanks to Maxis!
Run Run Runaway baby!
It's a beautiful night. I think I want to marry you.
Catch a grenade for me?
Flashlights all on him!
Thank you for the great performance Bruno!

happy faces after the concert.

Bruno Mars & the Hitz team. he is that TINY!
*credits to*

Just The Way You Are - credits to Jin

Bruno cakap "Saya cinta kamu!" awww semua cair hehe. And he promise to come back very very soon. That's good news for those who didn't make it for this show 

Happy Birthday Amira!

13th April 1987 - that was 24 years ago. so yeah, happy birthday budak kecik! haha.

Amira Nur Md Isa di beri nama. Berkenalan di kampus bandar Melaka al-kisahnya. Peminat Manchester United. Ayat kegemaran - dodol haha ini agak comel laa. Justin Bieber and Glee memang dia suka! Banyak juga actually we share things in common. Oh, nak tabik spring sebab dia sometimes sanggup naik KTM dari Nilai just to lepak with us. ilebbbyyeewww more 

Happy birthday again! Semoga panjang umur, murah rezeki & boleh kumpul duit banyak² for shopping & travel. :) InsyaAllah you'll get what you wish for *winks*

You can count on me, bdk kecik!
here you go - the Birthday card - ikhlas dari hati. :)

"A friend is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still gently allows you to grow." - William Shakespeare.