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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Relationship Fixes - Friends

Make them your priority. Don’t ditch them if your guy suddenly wants to take you out.

Spend time. Call or email regularly. Those quick “I’m thinking about you” text messages can go a long way.

Always be there, for the good & bad.

Don’t keep score. No need to keep track on who called who last or who said sorry first during the last fight.

Accept them for who they are. Don’t try to change them. Look at their strengths instead of weaknesses.

Allow your friends room to grow. Be sensitive to their needs & encourage them to pursue their dreams.

Trust. Know that sometimes friendships have seasons of closeness & distance, so trust that your friends do love and care for you, even though they can’t see you as often as you’d like them.

Friday, September 26, 2008

the end

once again ramadhan nak hampir ke penghujung. rasa like smlm je baru 1st day puasa. mcm biasa la, time flies so fast smpai kita yg terkejar2 masa. that is what i call life. sweet, sour & semua perasa la ada =)

here, i would like to say tenkiu to all my friends yg slalu berbuke puasa together2. especially my close friends. blk dr cuti bwkla apa2 juadah yg sewaktu dgnnya okayh! later perhaps xdpt jmpa coz semua dah amik cabang masing2. but whatever it is, i appreciate the friendship & the relationship. so long. farewell till we meet again...

Concerning English

hey all! i'm glad to be home for raya, finally =) just as i was browsing the papers to read the unread news, i came by with this topic - Are you speak engris? the topic was discussed in Malaysian Today's paper dated Sept 18-24.

my 1st reaction to it - WTF? and its a bit funny. no! really funny & stupid if u read the article. it has 101 reasons to school them in English! below are some of it:-

1) at a job interview:
Q - you have a long name. so how do I address you?
A - I live in Gombak Setia, sir.

2) thanks GOD I pass
3) I pass all my testes. my grades should be hirer.

4) a top local singer calls out to the crowd during her concert saying "are you a fans?"
more.."are you enjoys?

5) overheard at a stall in town - "Do you speak the Englands?"

6) movie star - "I am mixed"
local celebrity - "With what?"

7) a very famous local singer was asked by a stewardess - "How would you like your coffee?" the singer earnestly replied - "In a cup please"

p/s - if anyone wants the full article, just msg me. i'll email it to ya! it's good if your knowledge is just as a pinch of salt.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Relationship Fixes - Siblings

Stop making tally marks. Don’t compare successes & failures. Celebrate joys & give support through tough times.

Don’t compete. There’s no need to prove who’s better than the other.

Talk. If they hurt you, tell them honestly. No yelling @ getting angry.

Spend time & make time. Do things together (board games, badminton etc)

When you’re in a heated argument, be the one to cool down first. This will help the other person to calm down, too.

Apologize. For saying mean things that hurt the other person’s feelings.

Compliment them. Encourage & build each other.

Respect your bro or sis’s personal space & they will show you the same respect in return.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Relationship Fixes - Parents

Keep your promises. Like not breaking curfews. Give them respect & they’ll do the same.

Treat them as friends. Talk about your school, personal life, friends, current affairs & so on.

Communicate. Tell them what bothers you. If you don’t like your mum barging into your room, tell her gently that you need your privacy. Don’t keep it silently.

Constantly arguing? Make a list of the things you fight most about. Identify them & decide on a fair compromise. It means that you, too, have to give up some of your demands.

If you get angry easily, make a promise not to raise your voice. Laughter is a good lifesaver, especially in stressful situations.

Never showed how much you love them? Express gratitude & appreciation for all that they’ve done for you.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Reinvent yourself!

The secret of feeling good about yourself is all about self-confidence – the power you already have inside you.
Lesson #1 – Self-Acceptance
Lesson #2 – Self-Love
Lesson #3 – Self-Determination
“Strength is the matter of the made-up mind” – John Beecher
 Lesson #4 – Positive Thinking
“Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be” – Abraham Lincoln
 Lesson #5 – Stop Comparing Yourself to Others
 Lesson #6 – Stop Worrying About What Others Think
*Nobody’s perfect, so stop obsessing about what’s “wrong” with you. Give yourself & others a chance to notice all the great things about you. Almost everyone feels insecure at some point. Self-confidence comes from being able to put a break on that negativity & move on. Remember, you lose out on 100% of the opportunities that you never go for. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.