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Friday, July 31, 2009

Suits up, driver!

Greetings! Salam sejahtera! Ahoyy mate!

Topic: Backseat driver
What's that? Do you fall in that category? Read on, homosapiens ;)

the "license"

A backseat driver is a vehicle passenger who is not controlling the vehicle & seems to be uncomfortable with the skills of the driver and/or wants to tutor the driver while the driver is at the wheel.

Why they behave like that?
:: feeling unsafe or out of control
:: nervous & jumpy
:: overly eager to give suggestions & criticism about driver's actions

[Picture(s) credits: Google Image Search]

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Just a phase

UiTM's midterm break di awalkan dari 27/7 sampai 2/8 >> langkah berjaga-jaga for the case of H1N1
Was heading back to PJ when heard the news. happy + excited yes!

Actually the plan is to go back for 3 days only, then became the holiday of 1 week plus. . .

friday nothing to tell,home sweet home =)
saturday starts to cough again, watched Ugly Betty, rest to sleep *starts to think of the H1N1 symptoms*
sunday still batuk + pening + selsema, stayed at home, boringness.
at midnight boleh lagi stayed up menonton "Dodgeball: True Underdog story" >> Ben Stiller makes people ROFL!

I'm like "monster eating truck" these days. I ate what I can grab. . . and I GRAB a lot!

baru-baru ini, they make it "open" again. so where do I stand next to you? wishing "semoga kekal" to both of you. . .

:: Dear fossil, hang on there. will fix you soon. dan mungkin change some part of you ;)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Kotak Hati

long nails wouldn't keep up with me for long time. it will only collect dust + germs *yucks*
tanpa sedari, I accidently scratch the neck, the hands. . . Only Wolverine is meant to live with long nails ;p

>> liar liar pants on fire <<
so, we all wear mask. ghostly mask? masquerade mask? joker mask?
depends on how we live our life. I love to hate the life that I'm in. not positively sounds good ya?

WHY do we tell lies? for Malays, "tipu sunat" is SO in. . . the truth hurts & lies worse.
WHY can't we stand up for our own? WE are the leader of ourself. TRUST ourself so others can trust us more.
WHY are we afraid of others? Jangan kasi orang lain "pijak kepala kita"

"truth be told I miss you. truth be told I'm lying"
"tried to hold on but it hurts too much. tried to forgive but it's not enough"

Friday, July 24, 2009

Give and Take

Simpulan bahasa Melayu: "Tangan yang memberi lebih baik dari yang menerima"

Depends on mood, I'm willing to treat others. I like to make & to see others happy. Who doesn't? Directly or indirectly. Perhaps I'm a bit soft-hearted when others ask me to treat them. Are they taking advantage on muah? Or maybe want to test my goodness,kindness?

Small or big treat, depends on budget at that time. I'm not that rich okay! and I don't have enough money to prepare for life-long budget either. . . tapi masih boleh survive in this some-sort-of-world-eating-money.

yet still, I want to be treated as well. so it's true you will feel good when treating others, tapi takkan tiada orang lain boleh treat you back?
the feeling is different when we're being treated by family and friends. with family maybe we wouldn't feel shy but with friends perhaps we will have the thoughts that we have to treat them back *treat others back just to be fair*

SO far the family treats me well (kaklong I can ask for anything, I guess, that's why I LOVE u sangat *hugs*)

Oh so random pix! Just don't give your head & take others leg. Hahaha ;p

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Zoom bergerak!

1st week of 4th semester of Degree starts. So far dalam jadual no classes on friday. Yeay! ada peluang selalu balik PJ. hehe.. not so hectic. Now class pun banyak cancel coz lecturer sangat busy dengan hal lain. it's okay, let them be *itu pasal hari Rabu I sudah boleh ZOOM balik rumah!*

>> Berjaya memujuk dua classmate yang not-so-fan-of-transformers to accompany my 3rd time of watching 2nd installment of Cybertronians! Ok, but now I'm REALLY done with it! Mau tengok movie lain laa. . . Obsessed? Public Enemies?

Naik bas dari Melaka to KL. Seat dalam bas manyak kosong woo! Maybe pasal it's weekdays & no holiday pun. Tapi best naik bas (again) after almost 2 months bercuti *hOhO sangat pelik ada feeling like this*

Balik rumah melayan movies. Nak catchup on TV series tapi seakan tak berdaya menunggu untuk di upload. SO option lain facebooking, surfing other's blog, updating blacky. . . Internet line at rumah sewa SANGAT haram! *sob sob* Alang-alang balik PJ, buatla apa yang patut. . .

I'm done with blogging for now, maybe. . . Or perhaps just take a break with Kit-Kat??
Next week class OFFICIALLY starts. Baju kurung, pants, blouse, ID card: perkara wajib!

Friday, July 03, 2009

On dan Off

It is, the last weekend before the new semester starts. I'm looking forward for it. Yeay! =] 

No more college, duduk rumah sewa! Will stick with housemates a.k.a. junior yang boleh sekepala dengan senior (I'm the proud senior. haha!) Baju kurung so-so, cardigan is on! Melaka, here I come again! Jonker Walk will be very near, temptation will be high. hehe..

I did not go for Anuar Zain's Lelaki Ini show at Istana Budaya ='(
I will not go for Red Devils Asia Tour *another sad face* but I WILL go if some miracle wishes to appear (like i'm winning the tickets or someone surprise me with it or I found it on the road. haha ini semua imaginasi tinggi!)

Though I have to miss 2 events (so far), I'll always remember the day I went for the premier of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen! Yesss I'm a fanatic of Cybertron livings & I'll keep on saying (and perhaps bugging) about the movie even to those who don't like it. hOhO *evil but good for promoting*

:: Surprise surprise surprise. . .
waiting to meet up with Mira!