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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Letter and Notes

Hai si tinggi! this is for you.

I ada cakap nak tulis special note and give it to you so you can keep it. Don't remember? It's ok, I guess I can remember more than you think I will. So here it goes, a short one.

I want us because I made decision in choosing you. I go back to when you are willing to line up and willing to wait. You asked "How bout me?" and I smiled. I said to never leave you, that's my promise. Because I want to be the one who heal the broken part of you. "Don't worry, everything will be just fine" you said this and I hold on to it.

I'm writing this now, you must be wondering why. I just feel like writing a note. Every step you take, takes you farther away from me. But you know I don't want that. I'm here for you, because I still believe and want to.

In your eyes, I like to stay and even more in your heart.

"I sayang you and love will grows eventually." - remember this?

yours sincerely,
*the nickname that you gave to me*

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*the nickname that you gave to me*
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