pretty handsome

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Quote from Certain Perspectives

"There is nothing more deceptive than a smile. And no one knows this better than the people who hide behind them. Some flash their teeth as a polite warning to their enemies. Some put on baby faces to keep their tears from falling. Others wear silly grin to mask their fear. But then there is that rare smile that’s actually genuine. It’s the smile of a person who knows his troubles will soon be over"

"All children love to play games. But b4 they can ride their bikes or jump their ropes or toss their Frisbee, children understand they must 1st convince their friends to play along with them. The same is true for adults"

"Pests. They come in all shapes & sizes. And disrupt our lives in a variety of ways. At first their merely annoying. And we do our best to ignore them. But if we don’t take them seriously, they can become quite dangerous. For some, death seems to be the easiest solution. But the problem with pests is what they live behind are just as dangerous"

Saturday, January 26, 2008

reminder 4 myself

i spend my weekend evening watching and playing games. 1st day i just chill back as an audience. i'm feeling that my bones aren’t that strong as usual. lately i feel discomfort of my own body. i can "crack" my bones more often. hmm..kinda worried if it's the early sign of osteoporosis..imagine getting it at a young age.nauzubillah! luckily yesterday a friend bought me a packet of fresh milk. hope it can help...

2nd day after being forced and persuaded by my friends, i granted their wish n play netball. though i'm not good at it.. so I played by my rules =p lots of incident happen while i played. okay, here goes mix languages again..!
TERtampar the face of the sandals TERcabut one side..last but not least TERjadi adorable or comel while playing..hahahaha!!! this is all from the point of view of the audience..semua kes TER lah..btw, TER means accidentally..

next day after waking up late, i felt as if my whole body has just been beaten up! thinking it was because I didn't sleep in the right position..but suddenly i remembered..b4 the games I didn't exercise or do some stretching! serves me right! this is what happen if you seldom or don't work out...

Thursday, January 24, 2008

the rest is history

Last couple days there were some people starts to bother me. Actually it involves all the peeps in my course group. Here’s the story. I’m gonna use mix languages or rojak words as some people call it..since this matters really does bugs me!

The ever-so-called gedix couple create a new group in Friendster. Their objective is for us to keep in touch & make a reunion..sounds superb at first. But then they come up with a poll & discussions with unpleasant title. The poll which originally name “sape yg korang kureng suka” was changed to “speedometer”...this is more like to pecah belahkan the group! After getting ambush with words, they changed the name to slightly a better one. Haahh, whatever!! That doesn’t change a thing! The poll only last 4 one week. 2 of my close friends were in the top list. They used harsh words when someone replies to the poll. And keep saying to us be professional but are they?? NO of course! To quote what they said:

“Undian itu bukan bertujuan untuk mengaibkan sesiapa..”
“bahagia tu satu perkara yang subjektif..ader org bahagia dgn cara yang tersendiri. Ader orang awek mcm bohsia tp bg die itulah bahagia..ader orang plak pakwe mcm mat gian..tapi itu lah bahagia tuk diorang..tapi hakikatnya bahagia xbleh di cari tapi hanya bleh di cipta”

Is this the be professional words should be like?? Those who reply used only proper words but they get negatives response...Are they that desperate to get our attention??!!
To those yg TERmakan kata2 pujuk si moderator, please re-think..if there is some problem or nk kasi teguran & nasihat membina, do tell it straight to our face! Humans do not like to be criticize but there is a way to do it..don’t simply ambush with words..use appropriate words & try to solve n not amplify it..

Couldn’t they create a better topic? It’s not like they’re dumb or whatever! The guy is soo mature but it doesn’t seem he's using his brain! The girl is in early 20s [the same age as i am!] but for god sake we’re in university..Grow up please!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

reality bites

time to donate blood =) that was my thought..but suddenly a friend of my friend said the min.weight is 55kg. b4 this they set it at 45kg. wonder why they change it?? so i'm NOT qualified. i'm not that thin but i'm just around's no biggie..

the next day, the blood donation is still going on. and they change the min.weight to 45kg..i got my spirit back! luckily i have 4hours gap b4 my evening n friends, with all the spirit we got, ready to donate blood!
while waiting to check what type of blood & blood pressure, there were some donators' fainted..must've been they didn't get much rest..same 'ol thing going on..
it was my turn to check blood type. though i already know, but it just the procedure we all have 2 follow..then the person in charge told me i cannot donate! i was like..frustrated of course! seems my HB(hemogoblin) is not enough..the required is 12.5 but mine was 12.3.. just a tiny diff! makes me more disappointed...well, it's not my luck to donate this time. i chill back n watched my friends do their part. i'm the photographer of the day!