pretty handsome

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Kenapa tiap kali tengok skrin dah hilang idea nak tulis.
maybe because of short term memory? oh no! demn.
mungkin kita tetiba berhenti berfikir?

ada iklan budak kecil cakap "sel-sel otak berhubung bila kita berfikir"

Life is full of plan. It makes us more organized.
tak pakai plan boleh kucar kacir ok. believe me! agak selalu terjadi, haih.

contoh terdekat - student.
getting ready the assignment(s), presentation(s) - need some plan to be properly managed.
jawab test or exam, kena plan dengan masa yang macam emas.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Part of the List

*I'll always heart you cookie monster!*
gambar sangat comel so rasa harus di upload hihi.

every month is special when family, friends celebrate their birthday.
wishing "happy birthday!" just enough to show our concern.
giving gifts, cards makes them smile even more.

yup, I like birthdays and celebrating people's birthday. if ada "suprise..!" lagi best.

:: special birthday wishes to my loved ones. friends. the gifts - later alligator

Monday, May 10, 2010


semua peperiksaan + muet sudah tamat!! syukur alhamdulillah i got through it.

orang suka tanya "how's paper? mesti jawab dengan gembira kan"
saya pula suka jawab "hmm anyhow, kena tunggu result"

I don't want to be over confident. nanti bila real result is out, hampa jadi menangis tak berlagu. ok taknak cegitu. I'm hoping for the best because i've done my part. hope all the effort is enough for me to get better grades, insyaAllah =)

habis last paper on the 9th, jalan suka ria macam tourist.

I will I want I shall keep my hair long *wink wink*

Saturday, May 08, 2010


"I need another story. Something to get off my chest. Need something that I can confess."
(Secrets - OneRepublic)

-Here goes a love-hate-relationship story- 
Two person fighting over impossible things.
Unless you in live in fantasy land, then you can get the impossible.
Fight. Quarrel. And the audience can easily see it, understand?

Monday, May 03, 2010


Status. Isn't it about what a person want to spill out from their mind?
To believe it or not, all on you. But don't questioned too much because a person do have a problem to figure it out.

"You score subject itu ini. Ilmu penuh di dada. Pandai english." When they got to know the result, they wouldn't believe and say "Eh tipu laa" (an example of halo effect)

Rasanya dah selalu orang cakap those words to me. I do accept it as a compliment thank you. But when it doesn't tally with the result, it gets to me a bit *-_-*