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Thursday, December 31, 2009


. . . is the last day of 2009!
Besides the reunion, below are the memorable moments end 0f 2009, that is before the year 'closes-the-book' hehe.

*Special entry for newly weds Wanie & Nik*
Nikah: 18 Dec 2009 - Awal Muharram on Friday :)

Myself & Kaklong di pilih jadi Dulang Girls (invitation through Facebook okay! so there is good using FB hehe) Ok itu no hal laa, haha tapi warna baju is PINK! OMG Omaigosh walaupun saya tak suka PINK, but for this couple, anything will do.

Now off to wedding pictures! Credits to the-cyber-shot, yeah it's not SLR or any good digital cameras, but I'm still learning the shots! I'm out of words now, and I think Kaklong gives a sugar, spice and everything nice wedding entry for them.


Pengantin and the families =)

Me familia with the pengantin. Semoga berbahagia ke anak cucu ;)

*Pandora - the Na'vi*

Finally watched AVATAR, after 10 days opens at cinemas. And I thought the cinema will be less-packed, but no, still like lots of fish in the sea! (means sangat ramai orang sampai line beratur panjang towards the popcorn area *huh please imagine that!*) And for the 1st time, popcorn + most of the snacks are sold out! Only left with salty popcorn - which is tak sedap okay! Plans to watch in 3D but the ticks nearly SOLD OUT and seating not nice. . . nasib ada normal screen and really worth watching through any screen though :)

One thing obvious with this movie is the reminder to PROTECT the GREEN/ENVIRONMENT/EARTH'S BELONGINGS.

My personal review: Avatar is worth the TIME (almost 3 hours) and STORY (learn from others' perspective) I See You.

More critics reviews at Yahoo! Movies :)

*Derma Darah at Pusat Darah Negara*

I like the feeling after habis proses derma darah. Timbang berat > check hemoglobin > check blood pressure > lastly cucuk jarum dan darah mula mengalir haha! 1st time experience is 3 years back in UiTM Dungun. Then it became "annual event" for me.
The latest is my 4th donation :) Rasa sakit cucuk jarum hanya sekejap *bam-bam-boom* dah siap - not more than 10 minutes! So lets all donate blood ya ^_^

Help others so they can help us back in future - trust this!

*Happy 2010 to People in the World!*

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Ok let's hit down the memory lane! This is a story, mainly about reunion :)
primary school friends gather together again, after like what - 10 years tidak berjumpa!

1st story: Melaka
After 1 week of raya, meet up with Mira, finally yeay! both of us agak rapat back in standard 6 - go tuition sama, beli magazines, lepak at Jaya, fooling at playgrounds - yup memang macam perangai budak sekolah ;p

2nd story: Facebook!
thanks to Aimi Nadhirah, gambar saya dan kawan-kawan di tag! and the story (catching up) begins. . . Let me fill in some details.

top pix: Standard 6 Kemboja
> muka agak berlagak because lagi tinggi dari boys. haha those were the days!

middle pix: Standard 4 Mawar
> serious tak ingat why I'm in the 1st row... duduk sebelah cikgu lagi tuh, Pn.Ng

last pix: Standard 3 (tak ingat nama class)
> jadi PENGAWAS 1st & last time =) pengalaman itu penting hehe

3rd story: 19th December 2009
after so much chit-chat-ing at pix we've been tagged, finally an idea for reunion come up! Seriously, banyak sangat notifications because of the pix! itu belum lagi yang dapat through email (luckily I didn't sign up for that - Yeah, saya memang pandai haha)

but in the end yang datang hanya 4 girls and 1 guy. Oh nvm, there's always next time!

Picture(s) below credits to Encik Cupee Rambut Rockstar ;)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Change now or never

10 dec 09 around late evening, UiTM final exam's result is out.
Like always, there's the usual 'traffic jam' - semua tak sabar nak tengok result duhh!
Mine: not good. yes I expect more. but everytime for any result, lulus semua subject is better than to repeat any paper.
that's the most grateful thing syukur Alhamdulillah :)

What I can remember is:
I prepared myself to answer according to what's in the book. the expectation doesn't meet reality. I didn't prepare for "the unexpected" and I can say I did a bit of "gambling" during exam.

Kita manusia lemah yang hanya boleh merancang (berusaha + doa + tawakal)
If we do not succeed now, who knows in the future perhaps?
Biarkan yang lepas berlalu. Di kejar² nanti kita akan tersungkur.

Lesson learned. Be ready for anything & no more taking risk!

"Aku ni..byk peluang nak ckp, tapi taktau mana nak start. Bkn takut pd perubahan, tapi..takut amik risiko."
(Abu - Kami the movie)

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Boy Meets Girl

(500) Days of Summer

This is a story of boy meets girl.
This is NOT a love story. This is a story about love.


the Boy: architecture student turns out to be greeting cards writer
the Girl: the average of all + the pretty mystery (like we dunno what she'll do next)

not the average lovey dovey story, where girl cries when breakup + boy do not show his feelings... NO it's not the usual story. for me the music, the dialogues, the storyline - it's different and do put it on repeat, hehe.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Tom) is the Boy and Zooey Deschanel (Summer) is the Girl :)
at the end it's all about expectations vs reality.

p/s: ..self confession/pengakuan sebenar..
New Moon is not as good as Twilight. I only like the warewolf part. Oh, saya tak minat Edward si kulit putih melepak, haha I just dunno why! *oh well, i'm not like other girls out there, pfft*

Ninja Assassin - too bloody splashing! sangat banyak darah macam hospital sedekah darah percuma ;p

Monday, November 30, 2009

"Hey, that's my friend!"

*to clear what's on my mind. learn to be thankful for what I have now* ILY :)

forwarded mesej dah lama di simpan:

Kawan bukan macam bola sepak
tiada, di kejar; bila dapat, di sepak.
Kawan bukan macam papan skate
bila tak di main, di gilap; di main, di pijak.
Tapi kawan macam bola rugby
tiada, di rebut; bila dapat, di lindungi.

Jika anda kawan dengan orang angkat sampah, maka bau busuk lah anda
Jika anda kawan dengan orang jual minyak wangi, maka bau wangi lah anda.

bersikap adil sesama makhluk, jangan terlalu menghina dan terlalu memilih.
'Kawan-kawan' boleh di lupakan, kawan boleh di pilih, hargai si sahabat.

So how do U treat ur friends?

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Let's Play!

. . . with words :)
I admire those who can write poetry, inpirational words. Turn it out into lyrics and script, the quickest way to spread it. Simple but behind it stores 1000 meanings. Kagum dan telah menjadi inspirasi.

[Picture(s) credit:]

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Facebook - The addiction

Yang selalu masuk dalam category social networks, mesti akan jadi addiction. Dulu Friendster, then Myspace, then bla bla bla banyak lagi seperti cendawan tumbuh lepas hujan. 1st time I heard about Facebook early 2008 bila kaklong suruh sign up. Rasanya I replied "eh buku pun ada muka sekarang? haha.."

now I'm addicted to Facebook! yelaa nak ikut perkembangan semasa, nanti di COP tak up-to-date pula, ishkk. . . twitter is another thing. latest addiction to all, but not me ;p

Perkara kesukaan di Facebook:
1. Tag pictures (even if we're not in it)
2. Comment pictures (seronok sangat sampai boleh terkeluar dari real topic)
3. Status updates!

Here, listing out status I yang mendapat sambutan hangat di Facebook (haha cewahh!):

"I could be an angel or devil too"

kata ibu dengar sahaja, cerita hanya kita berdua.

I'm so happy, you're so pretty.

stop right now thank you very much.

bila idea tidak mahu menunjukkan diri, just believe in the power of subconcious mind.

Hello! World without strangers.

"Sometimes I like to stand in the rain because no one can tell that I'm crying. . ."

Monday, November 16, 2009

Event: Raya FPP

Program bersama anak yatim (Raya FPP UiTM Bandaraya Melaka)
for the subject Personal Development
I-am-the fasilitator/c0-photographer-for-the-day
3rd October 2009 @ 9am onwards

terima kasih pada semua yang terlibat! student HR 4B + 4A =)
alyz: thanks jadi ketua project bertanggungjawab. go co-pres, woot woot!
mira: thanks pinjamkan camera. yes, practice makes perfect. marilah berlatih snap2!