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Sunday, August 17, 2008

::facts for life::

Did you know?
Eating breakfast can actually help you lose weight? Reports have found that a healthy breakfast helps teenage girls stay slim! That’s because breakfast kickstarts your metabolism in the morning & acts like fuel to your body. When you get to lunch, you’re not starving, thus it helps you make reasonable choices for lunch & dinner. Those who eat breakfast on a regular basis are also less likely to snack between meals.
Did you know...?
  • Bacteria collected over time will turn into plaque, which may lead to dental cavities @ tooth decay in the long run. This may cause infection, pain & even loss of teeth!
  • Eating sweet cereal dry isn’t a good idea because of high sugar content. It’s best to mix it with milk!
  • Putting your teeth in direct contact with heat & ice may corrode them over a long period of time. So think twice about sipping hot tea & ice water the next time you’re about to!

Saturday, August 09, 2008


What is an Actionista? Actionista is someone who:

Turns ideas into action instead of dreaming about what lies ahead.
Is smart, strong & powerful. She can be whoever she wants to be.
Speaks her mind & expresses her opinions. She is seen & heard.

Takes responsibility for her own life – physically, emotionally & spiritually.
Focuses on her strengths & puts a stop to negative patterns.
Knows her weaknesses & has the courage to change whatever needs to be changed.

Treat herself well – she eats healthily, exercises & gets enough shut eye. She is comfortable in her own skin.
Makes a difference in something she truly believes in.
Counts her blessings & realises that the grass is not always greener on the other side.

Admits her mistakes, learns from them & keep moving.
Is firm. Sticks to her values & principals & doesn’t stoop & peer pressure.
Takes charge & will not be assaulted physically @ emotionally.
Searches inside herself & reaches outward to help others.

Grabs opportunities that come her way instead of regretting her decision not to.
Gives her best & put her heart into everything that she does.
Does not get defeated if she fails. Instead, she tries again & does not quit easily.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

frOufrOu is formely known as Fashion Medics

Those who are familiar with the brandname Fashion Medics from Urbanscapes. They have revamped themselves to more upbeat & in tone of their nature. Hence, now they are known as ::frOufrOu::

frOufrOu is an online boutique & they specialize in Pixellates Art. You can choose from the featured items or custom-made pixellates. Pleeezzz spread the words about them! Visit for more pixellates collection!