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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Video Series

How to start fresh after leaving own blog for 6 months? So I figured out, video series! Yes yes lagu best lagi best bila video ada storyline match dengan lagu. Tapi best jugak tengok video(s) cover lagu-lagu famous.

This post is the 1st episode (hehe dah macam ayat tv addict)

They make a good team.
-Sam on vocals, guitar and Kurt playing instruments-

*cover and mashup by Sam & Kurt*

*and this is their 1st original song*

They have separate account on facebook and twitter. go search! ok tata.


Ari said...

Hye nurul farhana! Eh, I wonder who the hell Sam Tsui is? He did sang cover song for Nelly's Just A Dream.

I love that song more than the original one.


nurul farhana said...

Hello Ari! Sam Tsui starts off by doing "covers" with Kurt. post up on youtube and the rest is history hehe.

oh yes i prefer most of their covers than the original. with their own style that is :)