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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Main teka²

this is how I wear the-identification-as-student tag during exam. I should cover my pix with something since I look so pale (arghh ini semua salah orang yg meng-edit gambar!!) the pale-ness almost the same as the vampires in Twilight. imagine that ;(

so I use frOufrOu's pixellate as distraction. sambil menyelam sambil minum air ;) I'm sure people will ask "Apa benda kat depan kad metrik budak tuh? macam best je" haha rekaan dialog semata-mata. . . tapi few my classmate boleh pulak ckp the above design is ular, anjing & macam² jenis binatang lagi (ROFL!) a bit upset coz that design is SOO noticeable. then nasib ada sorang ckp "Ha, camera kan?"

this is how I promote frOufrOu's pixellate, indirectly though =) design di atas is triceratops. it belongs to dinosaur family, i guess so, not sure then google it ;p

*beg brown di atas semakin 'parah'. sangat berjasa for at least 2 years. ada beg baru menanti di rumah, yet still akan guna this brown beg =)

Saturday, April 25, 2009


Semakin addict to kuiz di Facebook. Latest is 'Karektor dalam filem P.Ramlee yang manakah menggambarkan peribadi anda?' and I am like Haji Bakhil dari the femes movie 'Labu Labi'

"Kedekut, tamak dan berkira mungkin ciri-ciri negatif anda. Tetapi dari satu sudut yang lain, anda sebenarnya mungkin seorang yang berjimat cermat, bijak dalam matematik, dan mempunyai wawasan untuk masa hadapan. Anda juga menyukai hukuman, asal ada orang buat salah je anda nak beri hukuman, kesian kat orang tu"

perhaps only the words in purple describe me the best ;)
*ini hanya quiz rekaan semata-mata & most of the result SOO funny & NOT so like me*

Friday, April 24, 2009

Hasil nukilan Woodpecker

While taking time off from revising, have the eyes fix at article on wooden car. Sangat cool! Tak sangka sungguh ada kereta sebegini ;p So I pushed aside studying (only for awhile) and google for more images. Here’s the finding =)

by Vasyl Lazarenko

wooden car in progress

Japanese wooden supercar

[Picture(s) credits: Google Image Search]

Monday, April 20, 2009


Another kreatif art by Yasmin Ahmad =)
As for Malaysian Malay movies, I’ll mostly go for her movies. Others are just typical story line of lovey-dovey-killing-each other-bla². . . But if it’s horror genre, I’ll opt for other directors. So if Yasmin starts doing horror, I’ll support her all the way ;) I’m following the tagline “Support your local movies”

Thumbs-up movie =) even my sister cried after watching it. I would too if I’m sensitive enough with my emotion. I can’t cry easily ;(

Days before watching it, I’ve argument with a friend. He/She said “Orang ckp tale’N’time best tapi still ramai jugak yang kritik. Movie ni menonjolkan sangat the real life of Malaysian.” And I reply “Orang² macam tu sangat skeptik! I don’t mind if the real life of Malaysian is revealed.” There’s the good & bad side of it. So, to those yang terasa hati, go ahead, change. . .

At first I thought I didn’t have the chance to watch it at cinema, bcz of when I checked the movie listings, there’s only 1 show at this particular cinema. Like what..? I was frustrated. But gladly next few days, finally managed to watch it with a friend.

Here’s I don’t understand. . . the-people-in-charge (go figure it out yourself!) konon laa sediakan tagline “Support your local movies” tapi adakah itu hanya kata² kosong? And why jangka masa local movie to be put at cinemas sangat sekejap berbanding Hollywood movies? And perhaps the only reason I’ve hear so far is “Movie² Hollywood kualiti bagus. So, banyak demand means kena letak kat cinema lama².”

1st, I didn’t watch the previous installation. Others always say “Eh, kena tengok dari awal², nanti hang keliru & boleh jadi tak faham.” Oh well, part of it is TRUE! But since I’m the type easily-catch-any-story-line, I don’t bother by it ;) I’ll give 4.5 out of 5 stars for it. Generous enough ;p

[Picture(s) credits: Yasmin Ahmad's flickr & GSC]

Sunday, April 19, 2009


i was bored. and this what i did.
to remind me the good ol' days. i need time to write.
and with exam coming up. will update later =)

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Event: HRS Family Day - Hey waley²

nama group kami sama dgn title post di atas ;p

Ingredients: belon & tepong
Cara membuat: tiup belon sampai pecah
Effect: tepong SPLASH all over body ;p

*the end of HRIS family day ^_^
oh ya...the candid session ;)