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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Imagination turns Reality

go on! watch the above movie! I know I did enjoy it ;) there's 3D version, in case popcorn isn't enough, try eat the food out of the screen, hahaha! interesting + food-able + knowledgeable. . . and maybe (just maybe) after watching, you will want to invent something *pengaruh movie sangat kuat*

*jalan-jalan di malam hari di bandar melaka. will do it again next time*

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


OMG OMG it's been a month! if this is about relationship, I would be over the moon to celebrate it. but no. . . It's THIS BLOG yang telah di abaikan, terbiar for a month. Bukannya tiada idea but after cuti raya, the mood to blog seems have been cut down.

Been busy/ A bit busy/ Boleh di kira busy with events, assignments, tests, presentations. . . sampai sekarang, tarikh post ini, it's been 3 weeks tak balik rumah PJ. rindu ibu, along, ngah chah ;(

final exam will soon start. 28th oct until 15th nov 2009.
I have 6 final paper, will have paper on the first day & the last day. how nice *-_-*

Okay but now, I must/ I will promise myself mencari masa yang sesuai to update the blog dengan semua kejadian berlaku within the abondon one month. Gambar akan paling banyak menjadi saksi ^_^

gambar di atas, new way to express the happy feelings. PEACE YO! snap with different style + rambut di terbalikkan, walahhh!
*thanks dear for the shirt* ;)