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Saturday, June 13, 2009


on 11 June 2009 at 5.30PM, secara rasmi result exam UiTM is out (according to web UiTM ya, bukan saya yang cakap...)

FYI, for the 1st time I don't really selalu-terfikirkan-pasal-result. Don't know why. . . (every time during Diploma semester break, thinking about the-upcoming-result is A MUST!) but now, maybe perhaps I've changed my direction of thinking to other stuff. Such as:

:: Diploma convocation (which is done, finally, syukur!)
:: the under-construction-new-house at Klang. yes, I'm moving soon T_T
:: working on frOufrOu's pixellates
:: waiting for the result of changing campus (just lately I've doubt about it. to change/accept or not??)

What I've been working on lately, frOufrOu's pixellate. Just look at the design, abaikan the background ;p

Interested on buying? Give me a buzz!
*iklan ini adalah percuma. sponsored by adik owner frOufrOu yang murah hati =)

Oh btw, I lulus semua subject for my 3rd semester of Degree. But still tak memuaskan coz I know I did some slack. Yet, most important, Syukur Alhamdulillah indeed coz I don't need to repeat any subject. next semester, I'll try to be/do better, insyaAllah.

"exam-room-block, oh my why did I ever have to go through that??" ='(

just before checking the result, I was having sakit dada/sesak nafas, again! (last week was my 1st time) and I'm not even a smoker..! tapi sekarang dengan keadaan cuaca berjerebu, the air is not that safe to be breath in. . .

:: in the middle of missing her. missing you. . .

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