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Monday, June 01, 2009

Touch Down: Graduation style!

Yeahaa! I've officially graduate for my Diploma! Alhamdulillah =)
After 3 years at Dungeon (and luckily no dragons. lol!) the graduation day felt like I've finished a race. . . and bam! touch down the end. weehee~

But I wouldn't call it the end, not yet I mean. I'll try to further my study as high as I'm able to. . . for my family & myself!

receiving Diploma in Business Studies =)
I'm at 677! sangat ramai orang woo!
mine on 3rd sidang & bahagian ke-3.

[at photo studio, the night before the big day]

kaklong & adiknya =)

♥ kisses from ibu & ngah chah 

[the important ladies in my life]

Event: UiTM's 70th Convocation
Venue: UiTM Shah Alam
Date: 27th May 2009
Time: 2 PM onwards

make-up thanks to kaklong! hehe I know you like doing it *winks*
high heels thanks to ibu. luckily we share the same shoe size. . .

inter-frame with nik ;p

group frame session!

1,2,3. . . !

*like I said it's not the end. mengira detik hari graduasi Degree!


ice said...

nmpk sronok jeh . :)

Duke Luce Dell'amore said...

congrate dear...
sronoknya tgok die!!

the writer said...

ice: mmg fun & rsa brbaloi aftr lama bljr. good luck dude! nvr give up aite! =)

thanks jim! urs hjg thn ni je. wee!!

Shikin Hambali said...

congratulations with loads of love :)

the writer said...

love you too sis! thanks for all =)