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Friday, June 19, 2009

Officially Staying ;)

Finally, after berkurun² (I'm so extravagant. haha!) lamanya menunggu jawapan of changing campus UiTM, I got the answer! Ini pun setelah diriku berusaha bersungguh² contacting several numbers of you-know-where. . . I'm not that disappointed to know my application has been rejected, BUT. . . can they at least inform me and not just say "Tunggu je surat keputusan sampai kat rumah. Tak lama lagi laa tuu.." 
Ok, like what daa?!? If I don't always think about this matter, for sure I've produced zillion (again, extravagant. ROFL!) of pixellates.
Sorry kaklong for the delay. . .

See, this what happened when I waited and waited for the letter (ini la masa sangat semangat nak dapat surat from Uni..) and now only before 2 weeks before enrolling back, only then I get the answer. Penantian satu penyeksaan, you know! Nasib baik dah buat backup plan about rumah sewa with housemates. If not I akan merempat laa di tepi jalan ;p

Actually, I'm glad that I don't have to change campus. At 1st when I want to transfer campus, I only followed the feeling of wanting to-be-near-to-home. After 3 years at Terengganu, I thought I'm done with traveling & perhaps I still have the homesick syndrome. Then, after getting a place for Degree at Melaka, I really² want to change campus!

Time goes by and I (surprisingly) adapt faster with the environment at Melaka (just to compare with Terengganu). In term of friends, especially. I just feel I can CLICK with them =) *sangat merindui housemates & classmates!*

The more reason to stay at Melaka is I have the chance to explore the historical city more. yeay! Let's wiki² Melaka now!

Another berita terkini:
I will be at the upcoming movie screening for Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen on 22nd June 2009! That's 2 days before the opening screening in Malaysia! thanks to Don't Panic Malaysia & United International Pictures. I won the freaking awesome tickets: how and why, it's for you to find out! ahahaha jealous me not peeps!

*finally my winning aura has come back to meee! (say it with Gollum style)


Duke Luce Dell'amore said...

mlaka pun xjauh!
just byr je r beberapa hengget kat tol tu tiap kali nk blk..hahahaha..

[farhana] said...

jim: nsb baik hotel xde kt mlka. if not u pun trcmpak sini. hahaa.. Ouh bape hengget kt tol 2 pun byk tau! blh smpn wt hntran kawen ;p