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Saturday, February 21, 2009

::Love lockdown...

Aaahh what a relief dpt spend the weekend at home. Bkn home-sick sgt pun tapi menggatai nak meet my loved-ones! Finally after 3years xdpt celebr8 kak-long's bday, this year dpt jugak. Yeaa! Dpt balik rmh, meet her n mkn cake consider celebr8 la tuu =)

I couldn't get the ticket to Geng! Pengembaraan Bermula (3D animation film) Kinda frust. Then nak tgk En.Button, the seats will only twist my neck. So, last option is Burn after Reading...

[2 gym workers found a tell-all memoir CD but they think it has classified information. nobody knows who to trust or believe]

*with much acclaim actors, i thought the movie is worth watching*
*some of them are not like what i expected. urmm...*

[Picture credits: GSC]

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