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Monday, February 09, 2009

25 facts me O mine

  1. I LOVE to enter contest/competition.
  2. I am TALLER than my big sister & people always think of me being the eldest.
  3. Just finished Diploma & currently pursuing Bachelor in HR.
  4. I LOVE the smell of new money & it’s my habit to arrange it according to the serial no.
  5. Until now I STILL haven’t ride go-cart at Genting =(
  6. I think I have AMNESIA on one particular day when I was 5.
  7. I can sleep while doing synchronize swimming move. hehe...
  8. I’m good at making drinks (according to my mom & sis). I want to own a restaurant.
  9. Once, I sprain my leg so badly until I cried non-stop!
  10. I can go CRAZEE if I lost/misplaced my comb.
  11. I used to watch The Lord of The Rings over and over again and memorize the script.
  12. I’m so into comic adaptation's film!
  13. Archie, Betty & Veronica, Dragonball & Shin Chan =)
  14. I can finish my meals even though I’m already full.
  15. Trippin’ with school & university is so much fun!
  16. I like getting assignments but how I wish I can create my own datelines of submission.
  17. I fell in love with business field ever since I watched the 1st season of The Apprentice.
  18. I always dreamt of entering reality TV shows.
  19. Mix vege (sayur plastic) is a NO NO NO!!
  20. I got over my PHOBIA of the dark by maybe 80%.
  21. I SLEEP with music/radio plug on to my ears. Until the battery runs dead! =D
  22. I WANT to learn to play drum & guitar.
  23. I HATE those girls who act like they know football but the fact is they only know the name of the footballers because of their looks.
  24. Not perfect...but I like to do things perfectionist style.
  25. Live to love. I LOVE my family, girlfriends and friends.

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