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Thursday, February 12, 2009

The one With Multiple Talents

Instead of men or ladies, I choose bands.
Presenting the 9th wonders!

9th - Coldplay [viva La vida!]

8th - The All-American Rejects [Swing 2x!]

7th - Incubus [Drive with A Crow Left to the Murder]

6th - Maroon 5 [with them...its ”Harder to Breath”]

5th - Black Eyed Peas [where is the LOVE peeps?]

4th - Hujan [Aku Scandal dikala Pagi yang Gelap]

3rd - The Beatles [Legend...*wait for it*...dary. Legendary!]

2nd - Nidji [Indonesian superb! Bila ku jatuh cinta =)]

1st - OneRepublic [say it...out loud!]

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