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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Quote from Certain Perspectives

"There is nothing more deceptive than a smile. And no one knows this better than the people who hide behind them. Some flash their teeth as a polite warning to their enemies. Some put on baby faces to keep their tears from falling. Others wear silly grin to mask their fear. But then there is that rare smile that’s actually genuine. It’s the smile of a person who knows his troubles will soon be over"

"All children love to play games. But b4 they can ride their bikes or jump their ropes or toss their Frisbee, children understand they must 1st convince their friends to play along with them. The same is true for adults"

"Pests. They come in all shapes & sizes. And disrupt our lives in a variety of ways. At first their merely annoying. And we do our best to ignore them. But if we don’t take them seriously, they can become quite dangerous. For some, death seems to be the easiest solution. But the problem with pests is what they live behind are just as dangerous"

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