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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

reality bites

time to donate blood =) that was my thought..but suddenly a friend of my friend said the min.weight is 55kg. b4 this they set it at 45kg. wonder why they change it?? so i'm NOT qualified. i'm not that thin but i'm just around's no biggie..

the next day, the blood donation is still going on. and they change the min.weight to 45kg..i got my spirit back! luckily i have 4hours gap b4 my evening n friends, with all the spirit we got, ready to donate blood!
while waiting to check what type of blood & blood pressure, there were some donators' fainted..must've been they didn't get much rest..same 'ol thing going on..
it was my turn to check blood type. though i already know, but it just the procedure we all have 2 follow..then the person in charge told me i cannot donate! i was like..frustrated of course! seems my HB(hemogoblin) is not enough..the required is 12.5 but mine was 12.3.. just a tiny diff! makes me more disappointed...well, it's not my luck to donate this time. i chill back n watched my friends do their part. i'm the photographer of the day!

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