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Friday, February 01, 2008


yes! it's finally here! though it's gonna be for 1week only..yet i cannot spend it with joyfullness all the time. have to start on research for human resource (HR). meaning my group have to gather appropriate info about certain company. gonna interview few peeps at HR department. please let the process be smooth. to those involve, do cooperate.
next on schedule is i have to revise n do exercise more for the upcoming quiz & test. lots of info to memorize. i think i'm okay with calculation. i have to do lots of past year questions. b4 this i rarely care about test but now i realize my carry marks have to be good if i want flying colours for my 5th semester. so i have to start with excelling in quiz n test.

while on my short holiday, i have to update myself with the latest news. could be on any topic. current news would be more precise. be it on current issues or food or even politics. it's not that i don't have the link to news exposure if i'm at college. but the distance n the works seems to be in the way..but then again. it's all can be done if i put more effort to it.
while i have the chance, i want to update on issues that are related to my subjects. public relations always in need for current issues. as for investment, it's enough if i know the situation of the current market.

not forgetting to update about football & music & tv! it's been awhile since i keep track with english premier league..happily to say that my team are able to work their ass out! even if they tied or loss, their winning strike is what matters the most *go red devils*

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