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Saturday, January 26, 2008

reminder 4 myself

i spend my weekend evening watching and playing games. 1st day i just chill back as an audience. i'm feeling that my bones aren’t that strong as usual. lately i feel discomfort of my own body. i can "crack" my bones more often. hmm..kinda worried if it's the early sign of osteoporosis..imagine getting it at a young age.nauzubillah! luckily yesterday a friend bought me a packet of fresh milk. hope it can help...

2nd day after being forced and persuaded by my friends, i granted their wish n play netball. though i'm not good at it.. so I played by my rules =p lots of incident happen while i played. okay, here goes mix languages again..!
TERtampar the face of the sandals TERcabut one side..last but not least TERjadi adorable or comel while playing..hahahaha!!! this is all from the point of view of the audience..semua kes TER lah..btw, TER means accidentally..

next day after waking up late, i felt as if my whole body has just been beaten up! thinking it was because I didn't sleep in the right position..but suddenly i remembered..b4 the games I didn't exercise or do some stretching! serves me right! this is what happen if you seldom or don't work out...

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