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Friday, July 03, 2009

On dan Off

It is, the last weekend before the new semester starts. I'm looking forward for it. Yeay! =] 

No more college, duduk rumah sewa! Will stick with housemates a.k.a. junior yang boleh sekepala dengan senior (I'm the proud senior. haha!) Baju kurung so-so, cardigan is on! Melaka, here I come again! Jonker Walk will be very near, temptation will be high. hehe..

I did not go for Anuar Zain's Lelaki Ini show at Istana Budaya ='(
I will not go for Red Devils Asia Tour *another sad face* but I WILL go if some miracle wishes to appear (like i'm winning the tickets or someone surprise me with it or I found it on the road. haha ini semua imaginasi tinggi!)

Though I have to miss 2 events (so far), I'll always remember the day I went for the premier of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen! Yesss I'm a fanatic of Cybertron livings & I'll keep on saying (and perhaps bugging) about the movie even to those who don't like it. hOhO *evil but good for promoting*

:: Surprise surprise surprise. . .
waiting to meet up with Mira!

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