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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Just a phase

UiTM's midterm break di awalkan dari 27/7 sampai 2/8 >> langkah berjaga-jaga for the case of H1N1
Was heading back to PJ when heard the news. happy + excited yes!

Actually the plan is to go back for 3 days only, then became the holiday of 1 week plus. . .

friday nothing to tell,home sweet home =)
saturday starts to cough again, watched Ugly Betty, rest to sleep *starts to think of the H1N1 symptoms*
sunday still batuk + pening + selsema, stayed at home, boringness.
at midnight boleh lagi stayed up menonton "Dodgeball: True Underdog story" >> Ben Stiller makes people ROFL!

I'm like "monster eating truck" these days. I ate what I can grab. . . and I GRAB a lot!

baru-baru ini, they make it "open" again. so where do I stand next to you? wishing "semoga kekal" to both of you. . .

:: Dear fossil, hang on there. will fix you soon. dan mungkin change some part of you ;)

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