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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Kotak Hati

long nails wouldn't keep up with me for long time. it will only collect dust + germs *yucks*
tanpa sedari, I accidently scratch the neck, the hands. . . Only Wolverine is meant to live with long nails ;p

>> liar liar pants on fire <<
so, we all wear mask. ghostly mask? masquerade mask? joker mask?
depends on how we live our life. I love to hate the life that I'm in. not positively sounds good ya?

WHY do we tell lies? for Malays, "tipu sunat" is SO in. . . the truth hurts & lies worse.
WHY can't we stand up for our own? WE are the leader of ourself. TRUST ourself so others can trust us more.
WHY are we afraid of others? Jangan kasi orang lain "pijak kepala kita"

"truth be told I miss you. truth be told I'm lying"
"tried to hold on but it hurts too much. tried to forgive but it's not enough"

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