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Friday, February 03, 2012

VS: The Vader Edition

Assalamualaikum and hello again. :)

I just realized I've been neglecting the Video Series (VS) section. And since I found an interesting Star Wars voice over video, here's a special post for this 4th episode. A tribute to one of my favourite villain ever created - Darth Vader.

"If you only knew the power of the dark side!" *breathing*

This is a bahasa melayu voice over (VO) from Star Wars Episode VI: Return of The Jedi.

thumbs up for the video! the script, sound effect, the song matches the story.
The man behind the VO is Farady Anuar. At Youtube, he has uploaded >20 dubbed stories.
As a loyal Star Wars fan, my fav is of course "Kisah Ader". :)


and now...
Imagine Vader being accompanied by two Stormtroopers and goes to a theme park. 
Will  the troopers destroy the place? Will Vader be miserable?
Oh well, let's just see the video below hehe.

*In the US, Star Tours : The Adventure Continue is now open*

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