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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Inspired from Back to the Future

sangat best if time-machine really exist kan?
mistakes can be fix, undone. . . then life will be perfect always. but if everything has no flaws, experience wouldn't came in the picture. I like to say "experience is the best teacher in life"

The Past:
settled with final exam. and IT IS getting harder! degree is tougher than diploma, but it seems this semester soalan final dah "menunjukkan taringnya" - it's more to critical thinking or Kemahiran Berfikir Secara Kreatif&Kritis (KBKK) as mostly use term for schools level. OH! di sebabkan hal ini, ramai akan meluahkan perasaan di status facebook. ramai juga akan komen dengan jayanya haha!

:: during exam, I dreamt of being Hiro Nakamura - of tv series Heroes - to stop time, search for answers from notes - unfreeze, then jawab soalan confidently (AS IF boleh buat cegini, dream on berangan lebih...)

The Present:
hoo-lee-day! hari di nanti sudah tiba =) off to PJ and goodbye Melaka (for at least 1 1/2 months) holiday plans? movie marathon + catchup tv + cooking lesson (yes seriously!) + iPod-ing + klang's house moving process + wanie's wedding!

The Yet-to-Come:
final exam's result in early dec! next semester dah part 5! kemudian practical. time flies so fast! move to new environment - be prepared. klang OH klang! ;p

*dah tak reti mengeja perkataan inggris sewaktu exam -_- *

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