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Friday, September 11, 2009

Earth, Wind and Fire

Here we go again. Taking class formal/candid pictures, 1st time for Degree session (I missed all the times during Diploma...) hopes all turn out good *muka penuh harapan* friends comes and goes. buat kawan senang, to maintain them that's a challenge!

props itu penting! ahli magiss bersama peladang ;p

diriku tukang mengambil gambar di atas. published at Facebook, most of them clicked the "LIKE" button. entah mengapa, tapi terima kaseh kerana menghargai =)
gambar di atas, aksi permintaan cameraman. actually at this time, we're having a small meeting for the event in October. becoming boring maybe, that's the outcome of these photos. sambil menyelam sambil minum air *winks*

random notes:
in the middle of saving money + menabung + berjimat cermat *poofff* apa jadi??? duit melayang ke cermin mata baru. the previous specs suddenly snap! (i don't know how to explain in words...) it's been 3 years though, time to change. Oh yes, power makin meningkat jugak! sangat tebal itu lense ;(

tips untuk berjimat: lunch at mcD!


ice said...

sedapnya mcd tuh. haha.

Shikin Hambali said...

mmmmmmm MCDDDD

farhana said...

haha gambr mcD gak yg laku!
silala gnakn tips jimat itu ;)