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Monday, April 20, 2009


Another kreatif art by Yasmin Ahmad =)
As for Malaysian Malay movies, I’ll mostly go for her movies. Others are just typical story line of lovey-dovey-killing-each other-bla². . . But if it’s horror genre, I’ll opt for other directors. So if Yasmin starts doing horror, I’ll support her all the way ;) I’m following the tagline “Support your local movies”

Thumbs-up movie =) even my sister cried after watching it. I would too if I’m sensitive enough with my emotion. I can’t cry easily ;(

Days before watching it, I’ve argument with a friend. He/She said “Orang ckp tale’N’time best tapi still ramai jugak yang kritik. Movie ni menonjolkan sangat the real life of Malaysian.” And I reply “Orang² macam tu sangat skeptik! I don’t mind if the real life of Malaysian is revealed.” There’s the good & bad side of it. So, to those yang terasa hati, go ahead, change. . .

At first I thought I didn’t have the chance to watch it at cinema, bcz of when I checked the movie listings, there’s only 1 show at this particular cinema. Like what..? I was frustrated. But gladly next few days, finally managed to watch it with a friend.

Here’s I don’t understand. . . the-people-in-charge (go figure it out yourself!) konon laa sediakan tagline “Support your local movies” tapi adakah itu hanya kata² kosong? And why jangka masa local movie to be put at cinemas sangat sekejap berbanding Hollywood movies? And perhaps the only reason I’ve hear so far is “Movie² Hollywood kualiti bagus. So, banyak demand means kena letak kat cinema lama².”

1st, I didn’t watch the previous installation. Others always say “Eh, kena tengok dari awal², nanti hang keliru & boleh jadi tak faham.” Oh well, part of it is TRUE! But since I’m the type easily-catch-any-story-line, I don’t bother by it ;) I’ll give 4.5 out of 5 stars for it. Generous enough ;p

[Picture(s) credits: Yasmin Ahmad's flickr & GSC]

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