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Sunday, March 15, 2009


Yess gambar di atas sgt chumels kan?
“money is the most important thing in the world”
I think semua familiar with that statement.
Agree? Strongly disagree?
But today with the unstable economic condition, people will agree, perhaps...
I’m still studying. I can say education today is expensive. Even more belajar di area bandar. Yes, you can find everything there, but that’s it! And the thing is you have to control by not spending too much. And I’m saying this as a reminder to all (not to be bias). To live in this world, you gotta live with it!
There’s just so much to pay! Books, yuran, lunch (and sometimes dinner) and of coz top-up & broadband bill! And like me, as currently I didn’t apply for loan, I have to ask from other source (thanks so much IBU!) and meaning the term saving is always on top of my head. LOL!
But then again, life is nothing without blessings from Allah swt. and love from others.
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