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Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Ok let's hit down the memory lane! This is a story, mainly about reunion :)
primary school friends gather together again, after like what - 10 years tidak berjumpa!

1st story: Melaka
After 1 week of raya, meet up with Mira, finally yeay! both of us agak rapat back in standard 6 - go tuition sama, beli magazines, lepak at Jaya, fooling at playgrounds - yup memang macam perangai budak sekolah ;p

2nd story: Facebook!
thanks to Aimi Nadhirah, gambar saya dan kawan-kawan di tag! and the story (catching up) begins. . . Let me fill in some details.

top pix: Standard 6 Kemboja
> muka agak berlagak because lagi tinggi dari boys. haha those were the days!

middle pix: Standard 4 Mawar
> serious tak ingat why I'm in the 1st row... duduk sebelah cikgu lagi tuh, Pn.Ng

last pix: Standard 3 (tak ingat nama class)
> jadi PENGAWAS 1st & last time =) pengalaman itu penting hehe

3rd story: 19th December 2009
after so much chit-chat-ing at pix we've been tagged, finally an idea for reunion come up! Seriously, banyak sangat notifications because of the pix! itu belum lagi yang dapat through email (luckily I didn't sign up for that - Yeah, saya memang pandai haha)

but in the end yang datang hanya 4 girls and 1 guy. Oh nvm, there's always next time!

Picture(s) below credits to Encik Cupee Rambut Rockstar ;)

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