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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Heroes on iPod

Wuhee! Hey2! Pejam celik dah masuk middle of december. Time really flies so fast! Walaupun cutiku kali ini boring skit, tp now dah smakin better...iPod sentiasa menemani-ku =)

So, baru2 ni tgh bosan, buatla marathon the latest 3 episodes of Heroes 3rd season on iPod. Hehe...3 episode dikira marathon la aite! Superb duper awesome (as always!)

then bila dah hbs tgk, I was like-:
“cepatla the next episode...gler xsbr!”
as I am addicted to Heroes, ini la akibatnya! =p
Oh ya, now I’m on nobody sides. It’s hard to choose coz OMG! almost everyone is good + bad + the abilities is awesome! So I will only support the memorable moments =)

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