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Wednesday, December 31, 2008


The year introduced me to be a blogger.
Became an iPod classic user with the must-have series in it:
+How I Met Your Mother
+Pushing Daisies

Love getting & doing assignments.
Create the 1st ever business plan. Hope to make it real though.
Be more in-depth with future career style.
Finished the long-ever-awaited Diploma session =)

Foes can sometimes be friends and vice versa.
Learn to be scandalious but didn't hurt anyone else.
Make the 1st move & others go naturally.
Be more open minded & didn’t let others influence much.

Enjoyed the Bali-ness moments.
Explore new knowledge at Melaka.
Family became bigger with every blessed wedding.

Every month, every hour, every minutes makes me more aware of everything that happened near or far from me.
Learn from mistakes & try make the best of it. Hope & pray for the new year will always be better from the past.

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