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Sunday, August 17, 2008

::facts for life::

Did you know?
Eating breakfast can actually help you lose weight? Reports have found that a healthy breakfast helps teenage girls stay slim! That’s because breakfast kickstarts your metabolism in the morning & acts like fuel to your body. When you get to lunch, you’re not starving, thus it helps you make reasonable choices for lunch & dinner. Those who eat breakfast on a regular basis are also less likely to snack between meals.
Did you know...?
  • Bacteria collected over time will turn into plaque, which may lead to dental cavities @ tooth decay in the long run. This may cause infection, pain & even loss of teeth!
  • Eating sweet cereal dry isn’t a good idea because of high sugar content. It’s best to mix it with milk!
  • Putting your teeth in direct contact with heat & ice may corrode them over a long period of time. So think twice about sipping hot tea & ice water the next time you’re about to!

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