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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Video Series Ooo Three

Assalamualaikum, and a very good day to you.  =)


If this is a TV series, it will be the 3rd episode. haha isn't it obvious? Well today, it is time for IniAnwarHadi & MatLuthfi90I believe most of you bloggers & vloggers dah kenal depa kan? Sekarang ni pun dah ramai buat video log (vlog) sebab dapat inspirasi daripada depa berdua. For me, when they're posting a video, both of them has informative yet fun ideas/topic. Bukan setakat nak jadi famous, but they do have something that is worth sharing.

Few info they share things in common:-
1- Both from Malaysia, studying abroad.
2- Their videos has interesting topic & most of them are worth watching.
3- Dua-dua mamat ni agak comel jugak la hehe.

#11 AYAM - Angkatan Youtubers Anak Malaysia
A dream by Anwar Hadi.

Days ago, I posted this as my facebook status -
(this is hard. really hard. tongue twister versi melayu.
'sewkurunk kurunknyeww aqeww takk leww ejeww mahcamm owunk takk pewnawh
pewgiew skewlahs' hahaha oops!)

and then my friend suggested Anwar Hadi's #6 Ewww.
(this is the introductory video of him to me)

and this is Mat Luthfi.
"Benda yang akan kekal cantik sampai bila²  ialah peribadi yang baik."

*mat luthfi tak paksa anwar hadi join dia ok. ini bukan serta paksa 
sebab dua-dua macam boleh ngam je*  :)

"People might force you to join them, but let them know, they can't change your stand."

Dear bloggers & vloggers, do take anwar hadi's advice. post something with good materials. don't regret it later. once its on the internet, it stays on the internet. Ok guys, hehe  =)


GoDdEsS M said...

anwar hadi actually inspired me to vlog. :) do check it out. hehe

nurul farhana said...

mawar!! you don't sound rempit ok hehe. hey you can vlog about our school sri aman. spread the word of its awesomeness haha. :)

GoDdEsS M said...

ooooh i shld kan? good idea!