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Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Reason to love February

one - birthday the only sister of mine. berjaya buat suprise in advance & on 'the' day =)
LOVE YOU kaklong forever n always. learning the way to suprise more of birthday people haha!
two - tiba-tiba suka lagu paramore & tokio hotel > brick by boring brick & automatic - perhaps liking it because of the not-so-direct-lyrics.

went back to Terengganu after 2 years! damn serious missed the place...the food...the people...pulau-pulau terengganu sangat
BEST for holiday + diving + fun experience! *fully recommended*

workloads starts coming in - assignment + test + presentation

:: watched 1st episode of GLee. will be addicted later on =)
:: kelly clarkson coming to malaysia in april! nakkk sangattt pergi okay *sila mimpi sekarang...*

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