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Sunday, August 16, 2009

The One with the Water Drained Out

MTV World Stage: Live in Malaysia
15th August 09 @ 6 PM
Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach

Boys Like Girls opens the show. rocking the place with 3 songs *at home, listen back to their album, they sound better LIVE!*
All the way from Britain, Raygun keeps the heat up with "Just Because"
Pixie Lott with her "Mama Do" the only princess at the show & wears descent attire. how nice =)

finally it's Hoobastank! Douglas Robb memakai tie, sangat smart okay! hooba-hooba ;) Ingat lagi masa mula-mula kenal this band, in 2001 I think, dengan single "Crawling in the Dark", terus jatuh chenta and minat more rock band *sebelum itu layan Greenday & RHCP*

Next is. . . *drum roll*
the All-American Rejects! Tyson Ritter, with the goody-bad-guy looks, glitter all over arms+face. . . sangat sangat best performance! just to qoute from Ty "In the end, we're just a band, close friends who care deeply about what we do"

*pictures mostly of Hoobastank & AAR since only at that time I manage to be almost in front*
*the crowds throwing the big-giant-hand, kemudian jatuh kena muka + kepala + pipi orang lain. like wth?! Ingat nak buat piring terbang/UFO ke? we don't need more alien, haihh. . . even after the organizer gives warning, they still do it! I pun salah seorang "mangsa" kena di pipi ;(

:: special thanks to NIK! no big-mac deal aite ;)


Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

hooba2..haha..serious awesome kan world stage nie..the all-american rejects tu mmg happening geela..glitter penuh badan tu paling la kan..

farhana said...

*thumbs up 2 semua performance!*
mau lagi AAR n hooba2..boys like girls or raygun maybe dtg blk oct or nov i think..