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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Alfalfa singing L.O.V.E.

10th of May, 2009 is the official mother's day for you-know-who. . . yes! mother/ibu/mama/ummi/emak & even more gelaran for them ;)

Thanks for not controlling us too much & never set curfew. But I never take that for granted to be that wild. Thanks for letting me choose my own path and yet still give advice so that I'd get better life.

She puts the colour inside our world. She's just like a maze. Where all of the walls all continually change.

I love you so much no matter how much we quarrel with each other, yeap that is WRONG ;(

Ibu adalah anugerah terindah buat seorang manusia bergelar anak. I'll always appreciate every single details what you've done bcz one day I'll become a mother too, insyaAllah (with the dreams of having twins =))

Venue: Chili's One Utama
Time: After lunch hour (more of lunner: lunch+dinner. LOL)

The mother: Pn. Faridah Mujib I love you Ibu

Delicacies of the day

* The daughters*
Left: The youngest. . . Right: The 1st born
yeah kami berdua suka bergelak tawa ;) even more making fun of each other. you'll give opinion, I don't follow. I'll give opinion, you don't like. quarrel, cat fight, meow2 catdog. ahaha apa ini?? dah lari topic! but hey, what are sisters for ;)
finally our excitement faces while eating classic nachos, wrapped with cheese. yummy! haha as if I'm trying to promote this place. no introduction needed. I'll use it for business success recipe when I own a restaurant (not in near future though!) yes, that's the dream ;)

at last I'm at home!
holi-(wait for it)-day. semester holiday yeehaa =))


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