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Friday, September 26, 2008

Concerning English

hey all! i'm glad to be home for raya, finally =) just as i was browsing the papers to read the unread news, i came by with this topic - Are you speak engris? the topic was discussed in Malaysian Today's paper dated Sept 18-24.

my 1st reaction to it - WTF? and its a bit funny. no! really funny & stupid if u read the article. it has 101 reasons to school them in English! below are some of it:-

1) at a job interview:
Q - you have a long name. so how do I address you?
A - I live in Gombak Setia, sir.

2) thanks GOD I pass
3) I pass all my testes. my grades should be hirer.

4) a top local singer calls out to the crowd during her concert saying "are you a fans?"
more.."are you enjoys?

5) overheard at a stall in town - "Do you speak the Englands?"

6) movie star - "I am mixed"
local celebrity - "With what?"

7) a very famous local singer was asked by a stewardess - "How would you like your coffee?" the singer earnestly replied - "In a cup please"

p/s - if anyone wants the full article, just msg me. i'll email it to ya! it's good if your knowledge is just as a pinch of salt.

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