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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bali getaway!

After planning for such a long time, we decided to go to Bali. It was a wise choice because the environment there isn’t much different from Malaysia. We became tourist for 4 days 3 nights. Visits many cultural places, temples and holy places. The Barong Dance, Oasis Benoa, Mount Batur, Cocoa drink, paintings, Turtle Island – all of the places was enjoyable trip. I’ve gain useful knowledge & i’m planning to explore Bali again.


ghaffOr n aDah said...

wah bestnye..!

anggran brape eh cost sume skali?includng flight..brape eh?

flight kalo xsilap 5oorm g n blik kn??

adah nk g gk nnt..huhu..

I am...faelivrin said...

yup2 mmg best. i went 4 days 3 nights. mmg fun tp xckup explore bali lg. nk g lg =)

cost trmsuk flight around 1400 per person. but now air asia dh smakin menurunkn tmbang, so blh g slalu. huhu...

ghaffOr n aDah said...

oh i see..1400rm utk 4ari?isk..gler jimat..!best tuh..

fana2x..meh wat trip nnt..hehehe..

I am...faelivrin said...

yup2 rm1400 utk 4hari =)
bisa aja kta wat trip. kumpul 1 airplane dak2 uitm. hehe
ckp pun dh ada slang indon =p